For going on two decades now, Adam Courrier, Founder and Owner of Running Bull Productions, has been building the firm into one of the premier production companies in Las Vegas and across the country – project by project. Producing, directing, shooting and editing engaging, effective film, video and motion graphic projects is Running Bull’s claim to fame, and you can tell they love every minute of it!

In fact, Adam can’t remember a time when he hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed being behind the camera. It’s his eyes on the world. Though creative endeavors ran in his veins from youth, Adam ended up focusing on business and economics in college, obtaining a finance degree from UNLV, and working in the real estate industry for a number of years. As all experiences are indeed launching pads, this financial background gives Adam a keen understanding of the economic, as well as the creative, aspects of the business, a big bonus for his clients.

Truth be told, it was really a trip to Pamplona for the San Fermin Festival for the Running of the Bulls that sealed Adam’s return to the creative world. Afterwards, he was determined to use rich media, combined with the latest communications technology, to tell that story well. Ever since, the marriage of visuals, movement and message has become his trademark. 

Running Bull Productions takes on a wide variety of projects in the corporate, entertainment, broadcast and political arenas. Since 2003, Running Bull has grown into a collection of very talented individuals all striving to tell captivating stories for their clients. Certified in all of the latest editing and compositing programs, the firm is stellar in bringing message and call to action to life in a direct and vivid manner. Each project gifts the team with a unique opportunity to get all elements just perfect.

With this philosophy in mind, Running Bull has been pleased to work with top-notch companies and organizations like Audi, Deloitte, Mandarin Oriental, NAIOP, Acceptance Auto Insurance, and many others. Some of their most recent projects include creating a first responders video for FEMA and handling all of the digital display network messaging for gaming clients (Klondike and The Plaza) using BrightSign software.

Adam passes it forward by being part of the community he has lived in since third grade. With his wife Jennifer, he’s raising a 7-year-old son, Elliot, and a 4 year old daughter, Eden Rose in Las Vegas, while being a founding member of the Through The Eyes of a Child Foundation, and serving the Candlelighters Organization. His family – and Running Bull Productions – keep Adam’s zest for life growing brighter all the time, as evidenced by the vitality of his company and his work.